About Us

Premium Products for your Journey to Beard Excellence


Our History

High Mountain was founded in January 2022 with the mission of serving the bearded community; providing truly premium products at better pricing.

Our founder, John Jacobus, realized most beard products he bought were either overpriced or underperforming. In 2018, John began to research and develop his own beard oils and share them with likeminded friends. What started off as a hobby and search for affordable and premium beard oils quickly grew into the brand you know today.


Truly Premium Products

With years of research and development, we have found the balance of quality and price! With quality as our main focus, High Mountain has developed beard products that help any man achieve Beard Excellence, without breaking the bank.

We only use 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients; no parabens, alcohols, fillers, or added perfumes. Each product is carefully hand-crafted using our proprietary blend of carrier and essential oils, created with a balanced formula of naturally occurring Vitamin A and E, Omega Fatty Acids (3,6, and 9), Antioxidants, and nutrients to feed your beard and skin so you can achieve your bearded goals.


The High Mountain Standard

The High Mountain Standard promises the best possible products, and better pricing, with 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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